Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NYC Spring Bucket List

In honor of the first week of Spring, here is a little list of 9 things that are in my NYC plans for starting the new season. It's always fun to think about all the exciting things to do, as the weather begins to get warmer!
1. Picnic in Central Park
2. Pick up a sweet treat from Levain Bakery!
3. Dine al Fresco on a random weeknight - spontaneity can always turn a Tuesday sweeter!
4. Explore a vintage shop - this one has been recommended countless times...
5. Stop by Kate Spade's pop up shop in Soho
6. Run a half marathon in the city - I have one planned for April :)
7. Visit a new museum - I am thinking this one is next!
8. Take eyeliner application class at Sephora - bring on that cat eye!
9. Buy fresh produce at a local farmer's market and cook a yummy meal with friends

What's on your list? xx, Alexa


  1. Number one on my list is for me and your Mom to come meet you and Cecily for dinner!
    Keep up the great fashion posts! I love seeing them each week!

  2. This list is such a great idea! Definitely going to make one for myself when I visit DC this spring.