Monday, September 30, 2013

Ready for Business

I am headed to New York City on business this evening and could not be more excited, except for one thing: packing. Now, I realize it is not possible to throw my entire closet inside my suitcase, but sometimes I wish it was. Over the past year, I have trained myself to pack light and with a purpose. I do not like the feeling of being unprepared, so I have come up with a list of items to always add in with my suit jackets and pencil skirts.

1.  Lip gloss - A quick touchup always leaves me feeling refreshed. Currently, I am loving Bobbi Brown's, "Hot Pink."
2. Trench coat - Perfect essential for rain or shine, day and night.
3. White camisoles - These are great for layering under blouses and cardigans. 
4. Comfortable flats - I always bring a pair to slip on during my walk to or from the office. After spending all day in heels, my feet definitely are thanking me.
5. Favorite Pajamas- To feel that much more at home while staying in my hotel.

Happy Monday! xx

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