Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beauty Talk

 Hi beauty's! Today I am sharing my very first makeup post with you - should we call it bright city beauty? On a day to day basis, I have a simple makeup routine: foundation, mascara, a touch of lip gloss and I am out the door. In the evenings, I will alter my routine and experiment a bit more with new products (currently adoring the 'stila Liquid Eye Liner' above that was recommended by my sweet friend, Caroline.) Whether it's a new lip gloss shade or combining the 'NARS Illuminator' with my foundation for extra sparkle, little additions like these are both refreshing and fun for a night out.

Although I love adding products to my makeup bag I sometimes have to reign myself in, as makeup can get expensive. When making the decision on what I should splurge or save on, I like to invest in a solid foundation with SPF. I have sensitive skin and the extra expense is worth it to me if it will not as easily cause a breakout. I choose to spend less on items like mascara as it tends to clump after a short period of time and I was told it should be replaced after a few months. What is your beauty routine and what are some of your favorite products to use? xx

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