Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Get Organized

1. Notebook : Waiting on Martha | 2. Stapler : Design Darling | 3. Desktop Dock : Design Darling | 4. Paper Clips : Kate Spade (currently available on Amazon) | 5. Print : SS Print Shop | 6. Notepads : Waiting on Martha | 7. Paper Weight : Kate Spade

Since returning to Chicago, I have been catching up on a lot of things inside in order to stay away from the cold weather outside. On a brighter note, it has proven to be an excellent start to getting organized for 2014. Confession: I find myself to be organization obsessed and genuinely get excited over office supplies. So, I thought I would share my excitement with you and pull together some of the items I have been loving lately. Enjoy! xx 
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