Friday, March 7, 2014

A Tiny Break

 Monogram Mug: Anthropologie | Tray: Target | Makeup Case: Blue Mercury | Ring: M2 Chicago | Socks: J.Crew (no longer available) |

Happy Friday! The past few weeks have been particularly busy with work and travel. A cup of tea and at home manicure has always been my go to remedy when in need of a little break. However, since starting this blog in September, it has become a new way for me to take a tiny break from day to day activities by sharing my thoughts and inspirations. Although my job and personal schedule keep me busy, I love this space dearly. I am excited about growing it further and making it a place that you can escape to as your own tiny break, while still feeling as if you can relate to the material I post. 

Have a wonderful weekend my love's and thank you for stopping by! xx

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