Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bright City Fitness

Jersey Sweater | Sneakers | Tank | Sports Bra | Vest | Phone Case | Headband | Yoga Mat | Bag | Leggings

During the weekend, I often find myself running to and from locations in order to get errands done and multi-task. I find that having workout apparel that can be worn for both, has been the best investment. Here are a few items from various retailers that I currently have my eye on - I love the look of the Solow pants, as they add a bit more coverage than the regular legging. In addition, this phone case from Athleta is brilliant! The weather will be a bit iffy throughout the next few months in Chicago, so switching to a lighter vest like the one shown above will be the perfect transitional layer.

I took my first run (in shorts!) of the Spring season along Lake Michigan this past weekend and could not resist taking a photo. No matter how many times I run along it, I will never tire of the gorgeous Chicago lake front! xx
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