Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bright City Savings

Living in New York City has been a dream of mine, since I was a little girl. To this day, my father still reminds me of how every time we would visit the city, I would assure him that I was going to move there when I grew up. When it finally came to reality (still pinching myself every morning), I knew that the cost of living was going to change quite a bit from Chicago. In order to maintain a lifestyle where I can enjoy the city, go out with friends and splurge on the occasional shopping excursion, here are seven ways that have helped me save my penny's:

1. At home spa days - I definitely am one who loves to be pampered but saving a mani/pedi for certain occasions makes it that much more special.

2. Public transit - During the week I generally always take the subway. On weekends, I made a promise to use the subway as transit to my destination and a cab home, if needed. There are certain occasions when I have broken my promise (bad weather, safety reasons, and no desire to walk far in high heels) but for the most part I have stuck to it. Taxi fares can add up quickly!
3. Form a wish list - When it comes down to it, how many ballet flats do I really need? These are really cute though. In order to keep myself on a budget, I make a wish list for each season. While shopping, it forces me to rethink any potential purchase.

4. Cook at home - I do my very, very best to cook meals at home unless I have plans. Even better, it has helped me to put my food board on Pinterest to good use!

5. Hold cocktail hour at your apartment - I love the idea of having friends over before heading out for the night. Plus, it is the perfect excuse to play hostess!

6. Skip Starbucks - Save the latte trip for a mid-week pick-me-up or coffee date with friends.

7. Sharing is caring - While out to dinner, order a bunch of appetizers to share. They are (generally) priced lower. The best perk? If your stuck deciding between two dishes, you can try both!

What are some of the ways you save on a city girl's budget? xx

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