Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chicago Weekend Trip

Denim Jacket | Tank | Sunnies | White Denim | Sneakers | Pashmina Scarf | Duffle Bag (originally styled here) | Cosmetic Bag

Tomorrow, I am  heading to Chicago for the first time since moving back East - I am so looking forward to being with all of my girlfriends again! I plan on packing some easy and breezy pieces that can be mixed and layered for brunch, dinner and drinks. As for travel style, my go-to is a denim jacket (I have worn this one almost every day since purchasing it) and white jeans. They are the perfect staple pieces to be matched with other items I bring along. I may pack this trench coat too, as you can never be over prepared for the weather in the windy city! Last but not least, I can't forget an (extra large) cosmetic bag. Although I like to tell myself I have mastered packing, I am still struggling to limit the amount of makeup, lotions and potions I bring - oops! Happy Thursday! xx

Shop the post and other little things I am planning to pack below:

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