Thursday, August 27, 2015

Closet Organizing

After my post last week and a little celebration for signing our apartment lease, I am on a decor and apartment kick! When moving to New York City from Chicago, I packed my entire closet into three suitcases. It caused me to think through the items I owned and didn't wear anymore. Even better, it identified key pieces that were still needed in my wardrobe (this is especially great for Fall, which is just around the corner) and defined new ways to style items I already had. Here is the five step process that I tend to always follow:

1. Take everything out - I mean everything! Plus, you never know what you may find. That necklace you thought you lost, is probably sitting in the corner of the closet right now.

2. Purge - make a pile for items you are going to keep, donate or consign. Try your best to avoid a "maybe" pile because it doesn't force you to make a decision.

3. Storage and organizing - one of my favorite parts! I love Homegoods and Target for purchasing hangers and storage ideas. Little bins for socks, underthings and bathing suits are the perfect addition to spruce up your closet.

4. Formulate a process - separate your clothes by season and type. This may seem daunting at first, but I truly believe that it tricks your mind into keeping things organized for longer. When you can see where things go, it's generally easier to put them back where they belong.

5. Have fun with it - invite your friend over for wine and turn on some tunes! This not only helps the time go by, but your friend will be honest with you as to what should be kept or tossed. Don't forget to schedule a time to go over to their place and return the favor! :)

If you need extra inspiration to get yourself started, always feel free to e-mail me at! xx

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Everyday Beauty

Foundation: Trish McEvoy | Bronzer: Laura Mercier (in 'Dune Bronze') | Finishing Powder: Bare Minerals | Concealer: NARS (in 'Vanilla')| Blush: Laura Mercier (in 'Oleander') | Cosmetic Bag: Tory Burch (perfect for everyday!) | Perfume: Miss. Dior (also love this one!) | Foundation Brush: Trish McEvoy | Powder Brush: Bare Minerals | Mascara: Trish McEvoy
Over the past year, I have been trying different products in order to find the best everyday beauty routine that is sensitive enough for my skin. For the most part, I wear minimal makeup, except for in the evening or special occasions. With early mornings to the office and evenings out with generally no time to head home beforehand, it's caused me to think closely about the products I use and like the most. This foundation is quite possibly my favorite - especially for the Summer. The bronzer and blush are a perfect combination when paired together. In addition, I can't leave the apartment without a spritz of perfume. Last but not least, mascara is quite possibly my favorite makeup product that I don't live without. Recently, I started using this one and love how easily it removes at end of day. What is in your every day beauty routine? xx

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Making An Apartment, A Home

We officially signed the lease for another year in our apartment yesterday! Honestly, I could not have been luckier moving in with two roommates who I now consider close friends. Sometimes, things in life make you realize that they are truly meant to be! When you rent, there are definitely limits to what can be done. For instance, our walls are literally made of cement, so we can't hang anything - ha! But, there are so many more perks to our apartment and the location, that those little things are easily overlooked. Below are my top 5 ways to make a space feel more like home:

1. Fresh Blooms - they just look so inviting and smell amazing! We have three flower stands within two blocks of our apartment, so at times it's hard for me to resist not picking some up on my way home.

2. Scented Candles - these just make everything better. Whether I get home late and want to sit with a book and glass of wine or am spending a cozy night in with friends, I love candles and how they make your home feel! I also love the candles from Trish McEvoy and Nest for the holidays!

3. Framed photographs - I have pictures displayed all over my bedroom. It's so special to have pictures of moments together with friends living back in Chicago as reminders and sweet memories.

4. Cozy additions - throw pillows, faux fur blankets, and bedding are some of my favorite ways to make my apartment feel like it is completely mine. There are not many things better than life than fresh and fluffy bedding!
5. Display your personality - I love all of the graphic art work that you can purchase from places like Design Darling, Waiting on Martha and even Homegoods! One of my favorite's is this print. It's a constant reminder that there is always something to look forward to!

How do you make your place into a home? xx


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Favorite's Under $100

When looking through my closet, there have been a number of things I have purchased in the past few months that cost less than $100 and have held up incredibly well! These wedges have lasted me all Summer, this bag has been a constant travel companion and these earrings tag along with me every day! Shop all of my favorite's above and a few of the things I have my eye on. There are little captions under each to share exactly why I love them so much! Where is your favorite place to shop for budget friendly items? xx

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fitness Favorites

Sneakers: Nike | Tank: Nike | Leggings: Lululemon (similar here, love these) | Yoga Mat & Strap: Lululemon (similar here)

No matter what may have occurred during the day, I always feel better after a little bit of exercise. I try to mix up my routine throughout the week with running, a spin class or barre. With Central Park three blocks from my apartment, I am extra motivated to exercise, but cute work out gear always helps too. I recently purchased these for gym classes, but also love this pair for running! This tank and these leggings are my absolute favorite. A cute little yoga mat is the best if I feel like getting a quick workout in at home - I personally love Cassey Ho's Blogilates Youtube videos. What are your favorite ways to stay motivated with fitness? xx

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday! I wanted to peek in with a little post to share my weekend style. I have had my eye on these sneakers for quite some time and finally took the plunge. They are a casual option versus ballet flats when running errands around the city. My decision was also persuaded after seeing my fashion icon, Olivia Palermo, photographed wearing them all over New York! In addition, I have been loving my straw bag to embrace the last few weeks of Summer and this alternative version is extra budget friendly! I had to share this tee that I recently purchased. It is so soft and comfortable - I seriously could sleep in it. Gold accessories are always items I find can dress up a look and J.Crew is definitely one of my favorite places to purchase them. What do you think? Wishing you all a relaxed, fun and beautiful Sunday! xx

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Working Girl Chic

A little post to provide inspiration for your work week! I generally gravitate towards skirts and shift dresses when styling my outfits for work. With August officially here, I have started to think ahead, by picking out items that can be worn now and well into the Fall season. One of my favorite things for Fall, is a leather skirt. I love this one from J.Crew! In addition, I can never get enough of easy and breezy blouses. This one would be perfect paired under a skirt, or worn with distressed denim on the weekend. I love it when a work piece can be worn casually, as well! My favorite earrings, a pair of sunnies and notebook are always packed into my trusty tote. Last but not least, how cute are these heels? If you are in need of a Tuesday treat, these would definitely be on the top of my list - especially since they are currently on sale! xx
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