Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Making An Apartment, A Home

We officially signed the lease for another year in our apartment yesterday! Honestly, I could not have been luckier moving in with two roommates who I now consider close friends. Sometimes, things in life make you realize that they are truly meant to be! When you rent, there are definitely limits to what can be done. For instance, our walls are literally made of cement, so we can't hang anything - ha! But, there are so many more perks to our apartment and the location, that those little things are easily overlooked. Below are my top 5 ways to make a space feel more like home:

1. Fresh Blooms - they just look so inviting and smell amazing! We have three flower stands within two blocks of our apartment, so at times it's hard for me to resist not picking some up on my way home.

2. Scented Candles - these just make everything better. Whether I get home late and want to sit with a book and glass of wine or am spending a cozy night in with friends, I love candles and how they make your home feel! I also love the candles from Trish McEvoy and Nest for the holidays!

3. Framed photographs - I have pictures displayed all over my bedroom. It's so special to have pictures of moments together with friends living back in Chicago as reminders and sweet memories.

4. Cozy additions - throw pillows, faux fur blankets, and bedding are some of my favorite ways to make my apartment feel like it is completely mine. There are not many things better than life than fresh and fluffy bedding!
5. Display your personality - I love all of the graphic art work that you can purchase from places like Design Darling, Waiting on Martha and even Homegoods! One of my favorite's is this print. It's a constant reminder that there is always something to look forward to!

How do you make your place into a home? xx

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