Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello, 2017

Happy 2017! In the past year, I learned and experienced so much. It truly was a stepping stone, that I am forever thankful for. I am not one to make resolutions, but do like to focus on lessons learned and build on them in a positive way for the next year. Here are a few - I hope they bring you bright inspiration!

1. List out priorities
2016 taught me a lot about what truly makes me happy, how to speak up for myself, and the people I should be surrounding myself with. In 2017, it will be important to take those lessons and start using them to make decisions in everything from career to personal relationships.

2. Personal wellness
This has definitely fell through the wayside lately. I eat well and exercise, but definitely need to get more sleep and slow down. Whether it's treating myself to a manicure after a tough day or staying in to cook a meal that is on my recipe list, these little moments truly make all the difference.

3. Stop overcommitting
Guilty as charged! I am definitey one who struggles with saying 'no.' If a friend asks me to join them Although, I love being a 'busy bee' it can be overwhelming to do everything and be everywhere. Admittedly so, I think this all stems from being afraid to let people down. I am learning that those who truly care, want you to be happy also.

4. Live in the moment
My favorite moments this year, were those spent alongside family and traveling with dear friends. Most of the time, my face was free of makeup, phone nowhere to be found and we were doing the simplest things - dancing to music in one of our apartments, late night dinners and walks at home down to the beach. I love a good photograph, but sometimes they aren't needed in order to truly capture a memory.

5. Just do 'you'
I want to be the best version of myself, but it can be difficult when always adding so much pressure to everything. Taking time to be grateful, feeding myself positive words of encouragement, and simply taking a step back is warranted. After all, the opportunities will forever be outside my door, and that is the most exciting part about 2017.

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