Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Although a few of these items are definitely splurge worthy, it never hurts to make a wishlist. It always helps me to define what I really would love, or things that can wait for another time. I love a good bow and this little number is perfect for Spring or evenings out. These glow drops have gotten the best reviews and I am curious to try. This cute top is ideal for the current temperature and could be dressed up, or down. And, I am loving these earrings, this headband and bracelet. The perfect little additions to spice up any outfit. xx

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Friday, February 22, 2019

5 Good Things

It's always good to end your week on a high note! Towards the end of Winter, it is easy to fall into a little slump. The chilly temperatures certainly don't help and it's during this time of year that I am ready for more sun! I have started to practice a bit more gratitude lately. It sometimes can be difficult to build yourself up, when life gets busy, but there are always positive things you can remind yourself of. Here are 5 good things to be thankful for:

1. Plan a getaway: We have a few trips scheduled for the upcoming months, which are all in sunny places. It will be extra sweet to catch up on some much needed Vitamin D.

2. The little things : Fresh flowers, candles or an at-home manicure. Sometimes taking time to self pamper, is just what the doctor ordered.

3. Health & fitness: It's so important to keep yourself active. I have been prioritizing at least two fitness classes during the week and as many runs as I can fit in during the weekend in Central Park. It's the perfect mental break!

4. Career focus: A job that affords me to live in New York City and work in the retail marketing industry is what I have been working towards my entire career. Limit the pressure! Being thankful for what you do have, while also working towards your next step is the perfect way to think about things.

5. Catch up with friends: The majority of my best friends live in different places throughout the country. Carving out specific times in our calendars to catch up each week over the phone is so important. It always makes me feel like myself again and reminds me that no matter the distance, true friendships will always last.

No matter what, always take some time to go back to the basics and consider what truly matters. And remember, Spring is just around the corner! xx

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Winter Wardrobe

My winter wardrobe has been on heavy repeat lately. This leaves me with more of a sense as to which pieces are sincere favorites and the most worn in my closet. My parents gave me this cashmere scarf for my birthday. It has been the nicest addition to my morning commute and added layer for travel. This pair of denim, white long sleeved tee, and black turtleneck pair perfectly with everything I own. I have had my winter coat for over 5 years. Certainly worth the price and a cute staple! These boots are another item I have spent numerous seasons with and solid investment that are at the top of my recommendation list. Other items I am loving are vests like this one and long cardigans, which are not only cozy layers, but the perfect last minute addition to any Winter outfit! What are your favorite pieces during this time of year? xx

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