Tuesday, March 24, 2020

5 Good Things

With everything going on right now across the world, I want to keep this little corner of the internet light. It's important to stay informed during this time. However, with the constant influx of news, I wanted to share 5 positive and helpful things with hopes it will bring some brightness to your day and minds at ease, even if just for a moment:

1. After speaking to friends and family who work in both healthcare and education, they suggested Food Bank for New York City as a place to donate to those in need of food in New York City. They even offer company matches!

2. This social media account only shares "upworthy" news.

3. I made this Banana bread recipe, added chocolate chips and cinnamon - highly recommend as it includes ingredients probably already in your kitchen. Also, I have been pinning recipes for things that require no need to run out to the grocery store as we practice social distancing.

4. This book was a gift for my birthday and it's been the best little read before bed each night. If you're in need of a little escape and some optimistic words, I definitely suggest it.

5. A list of streaming workout classes from one of my favorite accounts to follow!

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