Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Closet Refresh

As someone who works in digital marketing with retail brands every day, I am always tempted by the sales and new arrivals at my favorite clothing sites. However, with so many uncertainties during this time, I know that finding ways to be resourceful is important and something on many of our minds. Below I am sharing 5 ways to refresh your wardrobe, using what you already have. Sending extra positivity for your week! xx

1. Clean out your closet
Here is a link to a previous post I wrote on suggestions for cleaning out your closet. 

2. Closet Review
While purging and before donating or selling, I like to go through the items I may not be wearing as much and consider if they could be styled in a different way. New York City's street style always gave me the best inspiration, but I also love looking at Pinterest for ideas.

3. Tailor 
There are plenty of pieces that I love in my closet that were tailored to specifically fit me. It's amazing what a little bit of tailoring can do. It may be more difficult to get this done while still being safe and quarantined, but it doesn't hurt to take note of the items in your closet that love and may fit better with tailoring. Put those items to the side and give yourself something to look forward to when it's safe to be out and about again.

4. Virtual FaceTime or convene with your "quaran-team"
Call a friend or take an afternoon to spend time with those you are quarantining with and get their opinion on a few of the items you are questioning in your closet. It will make the process go more quickly and also help you make decisions.

5. Sell or Donate
Before moving, I always go through my closet and reassess. This is largely due to the smaller closet space available in New York, but it's now become a seasonal thing that I truly look forward to. I have used Poshmark in the past to sell some items, but also donate to charities in my area. If you live in New York City, a few places you may consider donating to are: Bowery MissionHousing Works, Bottomless Closet, and Cure Thrift.
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